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Turbo Systems Engineering

The turbo system in your car should be monitored to insure that every aspect is
functioning properly to give you trouble-free performance.
Instrumentation used to monitor / optimize system

  1. Oil Pressure (Required to monitor engine operation)
  2. Oil Temperature (Required to monitor engine operation)
  3. Water Temperature (Required to monitor engine operation)
  4. A/F Ratio (such as a wideband sensor; required to monitor engine operation)
  5. Manifold Pressure
  6. Turbine Inlet Pressure
  7. Exhaust Gas Temperature
  8. Turbo Speed Sensor
  • The most accurate way to calibrate and optimize a system is through datalogging!
Manifold Pressure  Garrett_boost_gauge_1
  • Calibrate actuator setting to achieve manifold pressure required to meet hp target
  • Detect over-boost condition
  • Detect damaged actuator diaphragm

Back Pressure
  • Monitor pressure changes in turbine housing inlet Garrett_Pyrometer
  • Affect of different turbine housing A/R’s
  • Increased back pressure decreases Volumetric Efficiency thus decreasing ultimate power

  • Monitor exhaust gas temperature (EGT) in manifold / turbine housing
  • Adjust calibration based on temperature rating of turbine housing
    material or other exhaust components Garrett_Boost_Gauge

Turbo Speed
  • Determine operating points on compressor map
  • Determine if the current turbo is correct for the application and target hp
  • Avoid turbo over-speed condition, which could damage turbo
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