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Turbo Systems Engineering

7. 11 Point Checklist

  1. Application Information - target horsepower, intended use of vehicle, etc.
  2. Air filter sizing - determine size for application needs
  3. Oil Supply - restrictor for ball-bearing turbo
  4. Oil Drain - proper size and routing
  5. Water Lines - set up for greatest thermal siphon effect
  6. Charge Tubing - determine diameter for application needs
  7. Charge-Air-Cooler - determine core size for application needs, design
    manifolds for optimal flow, mount for durability
  8. BOV - VTA for MAP engines and by-pass for MAF engines
  9. Wastegate - connect signal line to compressor outlet, smooth transition to
    external wastegate
  10. System Testing - pressurize system to check for leakage, periodically check
    clamp tightness and the condition of couplers
  11. System Monitoring - proper gauges/sensors to monitor engine for optimal
    performance and component durability


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